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Welcome to, the website dedicated to Isles of Scilly. Here you will find information on everything these beautiful islands have to offer, not just holiday visitor information and things to do, but all the things that make visiting the Isles of Scilly so unique, gig racing, beaches, places to eat and the people and communities at the heart of every island.

We have also developed the first ever Isles of Scilly on-line shop, where you can buy much of the beautiful and creative work made on and inspired by Scilly, everything unique, hand made and very personal.

Many people buy creative work when visiting Scilly as something to take home, as a reminder of their holiday. Here on Love Scilly we would encourage you to look through the creative work on this site to provide you with the motivation to visit the Isles of Scilly for the first time. How better can we show you Scilly than through the eyes of the people who record its unique light, moods and environment. Glossy photos and descriptions of the islands can only tell you so much, only on Love Scilly can you see in one place the work that inspires locals and visitors alike to become deeply attached to these very special islands.

The Isles of Scilly has everything you can see here, unsurpassed beaches, crystal clear waters, few crowds, friendy communities, and lots of things to see and do, a perfect holiday. What is harder to describe is why so many visitors become ‘regular’ visitors, returning year after year, some for generations! Prehaps it is the fact that you can’t bring a car, there is complete peace, the pace of your life slows down. The weather is usually better than elsewhere on the mainland and when the rain does come is often passes through quickly. When the wind picks up it is just as spectacular watching the waves crash into the rocks and headlands off every island. Scilly is not Cornwall, whether you fly or take the boat, you leave the rest of the world behind you.

If you are a ‘regular’ and love the Isles of Scilly as much as we do already, or are completely new to the islands and want to learn more, please join our mailing list and we will send you occasional messages about the makers and artists of Scilly, their products and work. With this site we hope to promote the work of the hugely talented artists and makers who live on and are inspired by the islands, and also the opportunities for visiting Scilly all year round.

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